Laps of London Fields

I had to take a day off today to sit in and wait for a guy to tell me how much it would cost to fix the recent damage on my car.  Actually, I had to take an afternoon off, but my job doesn’t work like that so a day it was. Seeing as how I’m not really supposed to be running much, what with a marathon 12 days away now, I thought I’d finally get back in the pool.

I haven’t been swimming in a long time. I’ve been telling my other half (an aspiring triathlete) how important it is to keep up the swimming; any sod can cycle and run, but if you really want to call yourself a triathlete, the swim’s where it’s at.  I’ve ben saying this whilst doing precisely no swimming at all. Anyway. I digress. I resolved, on my unexpected morning off to throw myself back in (figuratively and literally) to swimming, with a 1500m swim, a “swimmer’s mile”, and the Olympic distance for triathlon.

My pool of choice is always London Fields Lido. One of the places that makes you glad to live in East London, as for the princely price of £4 you can swim in a heated outdoor, Olympic size pool. With very few exceptions I work-out outdoors. I hate gyms, I hate most pools. I’m sure I won’t be able to convince most (if any) people that the best place to swim in London is the Serpentine, but if you want to dip your toe into open water swimming, then get yourself across to London Fields, with it’s wide, long lanes, year round warmth and friendly cafe owner. On any given day there are pregnant ladies aqua jogging, old chaps doing leisurely back-strokes, and triathletes banging out the reps.

Basically, the best place to swim in London, most likely the UK.

I would say the world, but if you’ve ever been to Sea Point, Cape Town, you’d know I was lying.

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